Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional AC Repair Service in Brooklyn, NY

Air Conditioning

Whether you are living with your family or living alone in Brooklyn and having air conditioning units in your home, you need to maintain them properly to lead a hassle-free life. Irrespective of the type of AC system you have, you need the service of a professional AC Repair technician in Brooklyn to assist you to keep it operating as resourcefully as possible. This is because a professional Brooklyn air conditioning repair company will be capable of carrying an extensive collection of parts and equipment, so that they will be capable of carrying out your AC repair in a timely way with a minimum amount of hassle for you. As an approved and experienced business in the neighborhood, they will also be capable of tackling any problem you may have in your AC units. Here are the top 5 reasons why should hire the service of a professional AC Repair in Brooklyn.

  1. Prompt service

As a locally owned and operated business, a professional AC repair business will be capable of offering prompt service and outstanding workmanship. With their prompt project achievement rates, you will not be left with a malfunctioning AC system for long. They will make sure that you will get a written quote so that you can know the level of your project earlier than they start their work. Furthermore, they will have emergency service and vow to take a detail-oriented method to everything they work. As an insured, bonded and licensed business, a professional AC repair business can do the repair work in a professional way, besides offering a guarantee in writing for all of the work they assume.

  1. All-day customer service

Any professional business that offers service for AC repair in Brooklyn will operate a 24-hour customer service center with a live representative to cater particularly to your AC repair needs. Lots of unapproved or unlicensed businesses make this claim, until you really call at 11:30 on a Sunday night only to heed the recorded voice of an answering mechanism. As air conditioning problems do not run on a fixed schedule, you can trust the AC repair service of a professional company whenever your system stops working through their all-day customer service.

  1. Perfect billing

A professional AC repair business will bill according to the job, and not according to the hour they work. Some businesses may emerge to charge low prices, until they come into your home and take a longer time than anticipated on a known job. This is the way they can milk you for additional money than a task is worth. On the other hand, a professional and approved AC repair company in the neighborhood would offer their service on their AC repair in Brooklyn without any hidden fees and they will offer a flat rate, including all details earlier than starting their work.

  1. Knowledgeable technicians

All of the employees of a professional and licensed AC repair company in Brooklyn might have undergone a thorough background checks in addition to periodic drug tests. You will be surprised to identify how many businesses fail to carry out this as widely as a professional company carry out just to shun the expenses attached to achieving so. This indicates that the AC technicians entering your house and carrying out the repair work may not be appropriately screened, adding a preventable risk to your home. On the other hand, a professional AC repair business does not slash corners when it comes to choosing and maintaining the most highly competent staff to service the AC system repairing needs in your home.

  1. Personalized service

As an approved, licensed and bonded business, a professional business will offer their services on AC repair in Brooklyn by recognizing the importance of offering the old‐fashioned, individualized service like that of yester‐year. For these Brooklyn AC repair businesses, you are not only just another consumer, but you are an esteemed part of their success, as well. Most of their employees will be appropriately trained to offer you a personalized service.

Finally, through a highly trained and screened staff of AC repair technicians ready with the most sophisticated tools to date, a professional AC repair business in Brooklyn can service all of the your needs in a professional and in an affordable way.

AC Outdoor Coil Repair in Brooklyn, NY

how-to-troubleshoot-a-central-air-conditioning-system-1Okay, this is an outdoor coil of an old heat pump. Now it’s got a big leak in the coil, and I thought it’s easiest just to go ahead and pull this coil completely out and see if I could find it. I mean, you could hear it hiss so it’s not a question of actually being able to find the leak or finding where the leak is in general. But I want to pinpoint it and I’m going to cap off these lines.

Cap off the Tube

Okay, I’ll cap this off, probably cap the cap tube off here, and then we’ll put a fitting in here to pressure it up with, and then we’ll see if we can find the leak. See I got a gauge set on this thing. If you look up there, I’ve got it all isolated capped off and I’ve got a line tapped there. So I’m just going to be pressuring this thing up. And when I pressure it up, you’ll be able to hear the leak.

Pressure it Up

Okay we’re going to pressure it up. I think it’s probably right here. I’ll pull some fins off and we’ll take a look. If you look real close, right here, that’s just a little bit fatter than the rest. I bet you that’s where our leak is, right there, little bit fatter. Okay we’ll pull some fins off and see what we can find.

Okay, here I pulled some fins off, and if you look there, you can see there’s just a splitting line right here, kind of odd. Looks like, it’s almost like a freeze break or something, like there’s full of water or something. But it’s an air-conditioning coil so it shouldn’t be that. But it’s fattened out there and it’s broken. Now I’m going to pull a few more of those fins off and squish this down so it’s pretty close. And we’ll go ahead and solder it up or braze it up.

Take off the Fins

Okay, I’ve got this — the fins moved off and I’ve kind of squished this back together in preparation to brazing this. So I’m going to go ahead and clean it up and then we’ll braze it.

Okay, there it is. We’re going to go ahead and test it for leaks. I usually, so far, see the leaks like a big leak or it doesn’t leak at all. Okay we got a pressure test on it. Looks like a run in between 205 and 210 and we’re going to leave that on there for awhile and see it stays the same. And if so, we’re back in business.

Okay, I’ve left this thing for about a half hour and it looks like no leaks. So we’re going to go ahead and put this coil back in and see if we can get this thing going.


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